Why Us?

Why us? Because our artificial intelligence (AI) is unique in the field of managed financial trading. With the self-learning neural network we’ve developed, not only do our robots work around the clock — everyone’s computers do that — but ours also learn on the job.

Our algorithms know more about trades this year than they did last year — and more this week than last week. We have a trading team that executes high-probability trades while continually evaluating our algorithms and analyzing new exotic financial instruments that come onto the market.

We are constantly engaged in research and development. This is a necessity in the world of relentlessly changing global financial markets. By utilizing our proprietary algorithms during specifically isolated trading periods, we can carefully identify price action that is most conducive to our underlying strategies.

Our strategy is based on

  • 01 Making only the highest probability trades, utilizing sophisticated analytical models that determine and identify opportunities with regards to specific trading instruments
  • 02 Judicious risk management principles that are applied to all of our trading accounts. We generate a quantitative trade model that improves the long-term consistency of our trades
  • 03 Trading strategies that are proprietary to the trader and used on a risk management scale, with a predetermined exposure limit set for the overall trading strategy
  • 04 Trades that are monitored 24 hours each and every day — which ensures the safety of our client’s funds
  • A trading team with over 50 years of combined experience
  • Over 15 diversified trading strategies managed by over 10 traders
  • Funds deposited to a bank brokerage liquidity provider
  • A track record that is 100 percent verified by third-party trading verification sites and a CPA firm
  • A trading platform that is accessible 24 hours a day by computer or mobile device
  • No "hands-on" trading required — 100 percent managed trading
  • No upfront costs — you only pay a performance fee on net profits