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Not every investor is an expert or knowledgeable about the high level of risk that foreign exchange and cryptocurrency exchange markets carry. These trades carry both the chances of working in your favor as well as against you. Thus, you must brace yourself with all and any information you need to make an informed investment decision. You should keep in mind that there are chances of you losing all your primary investment which is why it is important to consider all pros and cons of investment. In these cases, it is always advised that you obtain expertise of an impartial and skilled financial advisor. Only a licensed broker/dealer has the required authority to suggest recommendation or assist in the buying/selling of currency including cryptocurrency. TRADEWALE does not fall under this said definition hence cannot act in the role of Broker, Dealer or an Investment Advisor. You are requested to consult an expert and licensed professional as per the requirement of State or Federal Jurisdiction to assist you in the matters of trade. Our website absolves itself of any recommendation of a representation that is suggestive of future profits or losses. Bear in mind that in the trading business, historical performance has not authentic connection with the future results. It should be explicitly noted by all those using our website that the information provided here in this website and/or in the newsletters is not indicative of suggestion to trade in specific accounts. The trading markets are full of risks and anticipation which is why care must be taken when investing money. ALL information available either on this website and/or circulated through our newsletter is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES only. We do not offer investment advice, only a licensed professional can help you make an informed decision with this regards. In order to ensure a sound financial health, it is advised to invest only after seeking aid from an investment advisor.

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