01. What are your trading fees?
We charge only on performance — meaning you pay no start-up or “management” fees like with traditional financial firms. Our fee structure is flexible and depends on the amount of your deposit. For example, we charge 20% of the NET profits your account gains. If your account increases $10,000 in a year, then our fee will be $2,000 — leaving you with $8000 profit. See our Current Fee Schedule. (Products)
02. Are the profit returns on your past performance page before or after fees?
The returns are gross (before fees). This is in order to provide total transparency regarding our accounting figures.
03. Can I open more than one account?
An individual may have only one account, but you can add a second beneficiary (i.e., a joint account) and have separate accounts.
04. Is your Support Department easy to contact?
Yes! We know how frustrating modern customer support can be. We take pride in offering fast, friendly, and — most importantly — efficient customer service 24 hours a day.
05. Are profits from my trading account taxable?
Any taxes due on your profits from trading are subject to the laws of your local tax jurisdiction. As we have a worldwide client base, we do not transmit client statements to any tax authorities. We are also unable to provide any legal/tax advice due to the complexity of various national tax laws. You can download your statements for any time period — at any time — from our platform.
06. Do you use MetaTrader? What trading platform do you use?
Many clients are familiar with the popular retail-trading platform, MetaTrader 4/5. We use a professional proprietary platform that links to your trading account via the Mirror Trader platform. We are unable to accommodate MetaTrader accounts due to incompatibilities with some advanced trading instruments.
07. Is your performance verified?
Yes, of course. You can learn more about our track record on our Past Performance page, including viewing our CPA audit/verified third-party trading records. We believe in meeting the requirements of multiple verification methods to ensure transparency.
08. Do you have an affiliate/introductory broker program?
Yes. Please contact us at support@tradewale.com to discuss our offerings. We are happy to build a revenue sharing program to meet your needs. Our satisfied client base results in the majority of our new accounts coming from word of mouth. We believe in rewarding those who invite friends and family to participate in our program.
09. Do you trade binary options?
Absolutely not. We get asked very frequently if we can manage "Binary Option” trading accounts. We believe strongly that binary options are basically just casino gambling. Therefore, they cannot be meticulously traded — with careful market examination — as are other professional instruments.
10. How can I make a deposit or withdrawal to my account?
Wire transfers, Bitcoin, and — for some clients — checks. As soon as your account is opened, you will be able to log in and find the "Deposit" and "Withdrawal" buttons.
11. Can I use a credit card?
We are working on connecting low-fee merchant account. We estimate this will go online in the first quarter of 2019.
12. Is there a deposit bonus?
We currently do not have any percentage-based bonuses available. Many brokers offer large bonuses to entice customer deposits. We exercise caution with these types of programs, as they tend to have wide spreads, excessive withdrawal rules, and slippage.
13. May I view the trading account regularly?
Yes, of course. You may log in at any time to view your account. If you have any questions, contact us any time.
14. Do I need to do anything to execute the trades on my account?
No. You will have viewing access to your account at all times, but all account trading is done by our professional team, who will have trade-only access to your account.
15. Can I make a third-party deposits?
No. Account deposits must be made from the account owner. You may, however, add additional parties to the account by supplying their KYC (passport/utility bill) as part of a joint account.
16. What currency can my account be traded in?
At this time, all accounts are established and traded in U.S. dollars (USD).
17. What is your withdrawal policy?
Principal deposit is locked for 60 days. However, interest can be withdrawn at any time. Any wire transfer request received before 1:00 PM GMT will be processed the same business day.
18. Can I open a corporate account?
Yes. Please e-mail us at info@tradewale.com and we will send you the necessary processing documents.
19. Is there a minimum/maximum investment amount?
Yes. The minimum is $2,500 for a standard account. There is currently no maximum deposit amount.
20. Where are your traders/offices located?
Our main office is in London, U.K., but our team comes from more than a dozen countries and, as a result, we have offices all over the world (in order to provide 24-hour customer service). If you want to visit us in person in London, you have to make a prior appointment with the security department by contacting us at support@tradewale.com. We do annually arrange conferences for our VIP clients — those with account balances over $100,000. You can apply to attend our conference by contacting us.
21. Are there any restrictions on opening an account?
We are unable to provide any services to residents/citizens of Japan, South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, and Yemen (or any other restricted country due sanctions or regulations imposed that may not be mentioned in this list). You must be at least 18 years old and legally eligible to participate in the program based on the local laws of the country you reside in that are not liable to any global bank sanctions.
22. When do you post and credit interest for the previous month?
On the 3rd of each calendar month, ie - October interest will be credited to the account on Nov 3rd.