01. How does it work ?
Tradewale Managed Fund provides a monthly income to you at a flexible interest rate while your initital investment stays safe.
02. Who can invest ?
Individuals over the legal age requirement of 18 can make an investment either in a single account or create a joint account. In addition to this, you can also buy shares for those under the age of 16. Investment stocks can also be purchased via a trust fund managed by two beneficiaries.
03. Investment Limits
The mininum amount a person can invest is $2,500 wheraes the maximum limit is set at $3,000,000 for both individual and joint accounts.
04. Interest
Interest rates change on a periodic basis and are never the same from one point in time to another. Thus investors are requested to contact our office and update themselves on the interest rate changes. The daily calculation of interest is based on amount: $2,500 and up. The interest is credited to your account by the 3rd of each month, unless the 3rd is on a public holiday or a weekend, then the interest gets credited on the next business day. Those investors who are interested in reinvesting their profits can contact our office via phone or email or switch to compounding option online, using the client’s dashboard.
05. Access
A waiting period of 60 days is required before you can access your initial investment. Interest can be withdrawn or compounded at any time.
06. Tax
No tax is levied on the interest paid to investor. We do not require investor to fill out a 1099 form for tax purposes nor we share any information regarding your investment to any governemnt agency. The entire responsibility of paying taxes is with the investor himself.
07. Fees
Incoming Check - Free
Outgoing Check - Free
Incoming Wire Transfer - Free
Outgoing Wire Transfer - $25.00 Domestic / $50.00 International
Load Fee - None
Redemption Fee - None
Performance Fee - See Current Schedule