Welcome! Opening your new account takes just a few minutes. Below is a quick look at what we ask and what you will need. To get started, please enter all necessary data.

There are four steps to opening an account:

  • Here you provide key information required to register your account, including the basics like your name, address, phone, e-mail, ID number and more. Some of these questions are required to help protect you from fraud.
  • Tell us how you want to receive statements (e-mail or by Post).
  • Double-check the information you provided and accept the legal terms of agreement before we officially open your account.
  • Create username and password for online access.

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Offline registration

For offline registration, please download TradeWale account application form, print, fill, sign and fax or mail it back.
Sending your application form via certified/registered mail is highly recommended. It's the best way to avoid your application getting lost in the mail.